Luncheon Clubs at Bradley and Cowcliffe

Wednesday lunch at St Hilda's Cowcliffe

A three course lunch for £3 - not only a three course lunch but free transport to the church and back home! The added bonus is having someone to talk to, opportunity for a chinwag, and making friends.

St Hilda’s luncheon club has served the senior citizens of our community for over 33 years. A team of volunteers cook and serve the lunch.

Volunteer drivers are available if people cannot get the free Access bus.

A man, who has enjoyed the lunch and company for many years said: ‘it is a pity it is only once a week.’ Yes, it is on Wednesdays – lunch will be served at 12.30pm. If you are above 65 or over, we will be pleased to welcome you to this very special 'club'. Please call one of us:

Rita Jones 01484 431391
Dorothy Quinlan 01484 427981

If you would like to join our delightful team of volunteers, please do have a word with one of us.

Thursday lunch at St Thomas Bradley 

Information to follow.